A little about me!



My name is Hiral Shah and I’m an interior designer based out of Mumbai, India. The study of interior design over the last few years has developed my ability to design spaces keeping several facets in mind. The Diploma in Interior from Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design exposed me to the basics of the subject. Over the course of study I got more involved and interested. Further I went on to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Interior from Raffles Design International. I studied a myriad of subjects which has honed my passion for some. Time and time again, I proved my knack of making the most efficient use of internal structures, which encouraged my reading and learning about the technical aspects of designing for interiors.

Many of these experiences in my life helped me define and perceive the complexity of this field. I realised that I would strongly want to develop a career in this field. Besides space planning, I hold a special interest in writing! Writing helps me express a million things that my brain is processing every minute! I seek a blog that will empower me to constantly experiment with new techniques and explore new ideas, weaving them into design practice. The aim is to offer different design solutions that meet the challenge of conveying a message to a diverse audience. I want to help the readers that designing is so much more than what it just looks like. There are a thousand thoughts that have been processed to finally execute one piece.

As Mark W. Perrett said,” Doctors save lives by constructing a healthy life. Designers save lives by constructing a life worth living“, I hope I can make a small little difference in your life!

Please feel free to post your enquiries and suggestions at hiralshahdesigns@gmail.com

Thank you for your time.